a baby

my husband and i have been trying for the longest time to have a child and it is just not happening. anyhow, several nights ago i dreamt that i had a baby and last night he dreamt that we had a baby, didnt dream about the actual pregnancy or me being pregnant, just that it was a normal day and we had a baby with us. what could this mean?

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by: Anonymous

I don't know, maybe there is a baby out there that needs to find you. there are so terribly many unwanted children. maybe you are meant to save one. i am a mother and i honestly believe that a baby is loveable, whether it is "your own" isn't a big deal. adopting a child is so selfless, you are sure to be blessed if you do.it pains me to see people waste thousands of dollars on forcing their bodies to make babies when there are so many hurt and lost children with no moms. those children can't call a doc and have them produce a mother....they need a miracle.maybe you are someones miracle!!

Baby Dream
by: Anonymous

I think your soul is showing you that you will have a baby.

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