A Crazy Dream

I had a dream that I had bought an apartment building that was run down. I really didn't know that the building was mines until some people told me. I was so happy that I started to cry. Once I got inside there were some people there trying to get welfare. It was a very nice office space. I then saw a woman who I have never seen in my life and she started a fight with me. I beat her up so bad, that I almost killed her. I had to get some people to pick her up.

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Healing dreams
by: Anonymous

That seems like a profound dream symbol to own a building but not yet know it is yours ... and then to realize it. What did you feel about the woman who tried to hurt you? Were you scared in the dream?

respond to a crazy dream
by: Anonymous

I was not afraid of the women at all. I just didn't understand why she wanted to beat me up.

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