A Godly Relationship?

Do you think a person should have an attraction to their God-given mate? What if one party does not share the attraction to the other? I met a man who I used to work for and we have been friends for about a year and a half. All our surrounding work friends thought we should get together and we listened to them and gave it shot. I like him as a friend and he is a great person but I don't feel that he is for me. I struggle with feeling guilty over this, thinking God is angry with me because I am not chosing this man. All around me people are telling me that I should give him a shot. He is 44 and I am only 35 which also bothers me. I just don't want to be with him in that context. Friendship yes. I need some spiritual advice please.

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Godly relationships
by: Anonymous

When your mind and inner spirit is in line with the Holy Spirit, you should follow that. The Holy Spirit will not lead you wrong. Sometimes, people can make you feel that prehaps you are wrong and cause you to second guess yourself. In actuality, you had the answer before you begun and warred within yourself and now you are someplace with your emotions God never intended. Be careful from whom you receive advice from and ensure they are speaking from a prespective that is backed from the Word of God, rather than worldly flesh things. It is difficult for any man to be the right guy for a woman if she's going against her own judgment, flesh, and desires, let alone the Creator whom is the source. My sincere advice is to find out what kind of man the Lord wants for you, coupled with the things you need (not the same as want) from a man, then laced with the wants. After doing some dilegent searching the Word and self, simply ask the Lord. Be specific. When God sends that person to you, your spirit will not be at war and it will be all so natural. Note: remember you want a man (a life partner) and not what you see on tv, in magazines, star in movies, or what social groups talk about. Caution: ensure that you are in the position to receive your blessing. It would be a shame to have such a wonderful gift pass by.

A Godly Relationship?
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for this comment. It helps out alot. What do you mean by being in a position for him to find you? Do you mean emotionaly healthy?

A Godly Relationship?
by: Anonymous

Just asking friends if you should be with someone tells me right now you don't trust yourself to decide if someone should be your lifetime mate. And if you don't trust yourself to make this decision it means you don't know what you want now. No God is not mad at you. He would only want you to consult a pastor, probably a female in this matter. Do not go to your friends at all. It is not their business.

Also you should stop dating this man. NOW. You simply say "I do not want to pursue this right now, when I feel unsure." And leave it at that. You are not responsible for his feelings. If this is meant to be, you both want to be seeing each other and feel sure about being in the relationship. Do not be afraid to take a break and lose an opportunity. If this is what God wants he will get you two together.

Godly relationship
by: Anonymous

what if you have a feeling for him but he always does against what you expect him to.. ie rude answers,careless talks he doesn't care about what you feel and he claims to love you alw

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