by Barbara
(Chicago, IL US)

My name is Barbara. I am believing God to heal me, just like he heal the women with an issue of blood , he healed the little girl to told her to get up, he heal Lazarus when he raise him from the dead., he heal the Paralytic . he heal the blind man the lame and mute and I know that he is still healing today. I want to be healed and I am asking for prayer for healing from Rheumatoid Arthritis and block clog left and right artery. I am also asking God to close the hole in my heart and to have a strong heart, and prayer to be heal of fatigue. I know that he can do that. I trust him and there is no doubt in me what he can do. I am also asking God to help me lose weight and I heal the ringing in my left ear. I believe and trust God and know what he can do and I believe that with all my heart and I believe that is God will is to heal me too

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