Bright dreams

by Cherrie Langfrod
(Winnebago Minnesota)

I dream of things that come true . I see these dreams different than normal dreams , it can happen when I am awake , I see brighter images . Some of the things I have seen , my dad had cancer which we found out 2 weeks later he did. My husband was at home having a heart attack and I was on my way to a school conference and I had a vision of my husband in a casket . I turned the car around and when i got home I found my husband in bed sick, took him to the hospital and he was having a heart attack . I dreamed that a white car was in a car accident . I prayed for the safety of the people in the car and my mother- in-law was in a bad car accident she hit head on with a farm truck, totaled her car and she didn't have a scratch on her .. There has been several others .. all the same brightness to them . I wanted to know why I am dreaming of things and they come true?

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