Confused by my Dream

by Gerry
(Tonawanda, NY)

real life: 3 children youngest is 4 1/2.
dreamed - family was camping down by some water but before the water was a wooded area then rocks, my youngest was sitting on the rocks with a broken leg and a pink cast from thigh to toes. do not know where any one else was but i turned around and she was gone. the ranger said that the water ended up going to NIAGARA FALLS (we live 15 min away)then we the family except the 4 1/2 yr old were at someones house and it was late and the news came on and they were talking about a little girl that was lost and the news was just about to say what happened to her and my alarm clock went off.
**real life my 4 1/2 yr old does have the exact same broken leg and hot pink cast.

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