Daily Blessings - Now Blessings of the Light

We recently received guidance to change the name of our spiritual guidance messages from Daily Blessings to Blessings of the Light.

These are our most recent Blessings of the Light spiritual guidance messages, which offer spiritual teachings, words of inspiration and love concerning the transformation of the Earth into light and each person’s participation this sacred process.

The Blessings of the Light messages help uplift the soul and create a path of light that can be followed by those who read them regularly. The most recent Blessings on the Light messages are available publicly for one week, and after this time are archived in our WorldBlessings.net Member's area which is available to all who wish to participate.

You can be notified of new Blessings of the Light messages by e-mail, using the form below, or you can read the contents of this page in your RSS reader by subscribing to the Blessings of the Light RSS Feed.

We still have the old Daily Blessings RSS Feed web address up for those who may be seeking our messages under the former name.