Dead ex holding a baby?

by tanya
(united kingdom)

ive been having the same dream for a few weeks now and i has got me thinking. i walk towards a gate and i see my ex boyfriend who past away stood near a gate holding a baby. his mouth moves like he is saying something but everything is silent and then i just wake up. does anybody know what this could meen it is realy getting me down?

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by: Anonymous

i have a boyfriend who passed away and the other night i had a dream that he was holding a baby boy and holding him up to me. In the background, it was beautiful. Beautiful healthy grass, houses, nice weather and my boyfriend looked absolutely amazing.

Words left unsaid
by: Anonymous

Hi coulld there be a possibility that things were left unresolved between you and your ex, and deep down you would of liked for him to one day be your husband and have a family.

Ex and Babies
by: Anonymous

I used to have dreams of babies and one ex boy-friend in particular. The babies were almost always girls and I was always taking care of them, some I would find, some I would rescue, etc. My ex would be in some of these dreams. I often wondered if the babies were actually representing myself. Longing for someone to 'take care' of me. Through these dreams, my ex actually pointed out a problem in my beck that my neurologist would not have found had in the dream he not pointed it out. You can always ask to be shown in a dream the meaning of a dream, be sure to ask that you be shown a dream you can understand. It really works.

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