Dream of giving birth to a baby boy

by Reeci
(NY, USA (originally Jamaican))

I dreamt a couple nights ago that I was pregnant. I am not pregnant in real life and have never been though. I dreamt and saw the delivery, which was was really easy. It was an intense feeling, I felt like the child was really coming from inside me. I gave birth to a baby boy and I named him Ashoy. I'm not sure what this means. Could you help?

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me too
by: Anonymous

i had a similar dream but i didnt have a name for my baby boy and ive never been pregnant either...i would like to know what it means also.

New beginning in your life NEW
by: Anonymous

Dreaming that you give birth mean you will be having a new beginning in you life. I don't believe the sex of the baby matters. But you are going to have a new beginning in your life.

I hope that it's helps

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