dream of love

I had a dream where I met a man named harry and we walked outside and I was in a test u had to pick up a rock run to a certain point and throw it size didn't matter just had to be a rock I saw the rocks the other girls had and realized I didn't have a rock when I got to the point then I was in a trailer with harry talking and spending time with him I loved him so much and had extreem sexual urges then he found out I was still with my fiance cuz I told his aunt that I didn't know how to break up with my fiancee and I felt guilty then I was in a truck ofnsome kind I think it was a fireengine not sure but I was cryingtwlling harry how sorry I was please don't hate me I love u and after a while he said I love u too I don't hate u want to marry you I also want to note that I have never even met anyone named harry and I never really knew what he looked like in my dream I just knew that I loved this man so strongly and ever since I had this dream its. All I can think of and I do remember we were both wearing white t shirts then the next night I had a sexual. Dream mixed with a nightmarish feel to it. I really don't remember the dream but it was extremly sexual and orgasmic. I was with my boyfriend in this dream but I could only achieve orgasime with use of a oil and I was constantly trying to reach orgasim when I woke up I felt bad in a way not likme the other dream. I don't even like thinking of this dream I'm confused never had dreams like these please help ty

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