Dream of my lost job

by Bob
(Port Orchard, Wa.)

A few months ago I got fired from my job. Since then I have had dreams just about every night that I am still working there or I got rehired and they are training me. I am also dreaming of jobs I've even had years ago. I don't know if they are unresolved issues or a part of me can't let go. It was very stressful and tiring job and had a lot of problems with it. It is a relief that I'm not there but am dealing with the fact I got fired even though I am receiving unemployment and going to school. Thank You!

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You just told my story
by: Hollywood Florida

You just told my story
I began to deal with it through isolation.
I did not want to expose myself of less than others. Then I began to feel all alone and lonely. I have decided that is not a very smart choice either.
This is unbeleiveable I am 53 years old and still worried about how others view me.

I pray for you
by: Anonymous

I pray that you are in your contract; at the Right place at the Right time. Accept your Divine magnificence!!

I believed .
by: Anonymous

I believed this dreams in particular is based on worries of losing a job.But also above the retirement will be the future o your new job, I believe when you get a new job you will stay there until your retirement. This is just my guess.Hope things brighter for you. sincerely Rosa

Dream of lost job
by: Anonymous

I know how you feel and I have had dreams of my boss and co-worker every since I lost my job. I felt as though I was worried and scared that it may happen again. I am going to try yoga to bring myself closer to ME. I have been wanting to get saved and life a peaceful life. I don't know if this helps you,but it may. God Bless.

by: Anonymous

Your dreams are very similar to mine. I also got fired from my job last year and am still have dreams about it! I am fully aware of the problems I face getting a new job, so I don't know why the dream job keeps popping up. The dream is either about getting fired again, getting re-hired or just being there. All are impossibilities: I will never get fired from that job again, I will never get re-hired to that job again, and it is highly unlikely I will ever have to show up there again (although there is a slight albeit slim possibility I might have to go back there for something related to a lawsuit, but that's only if I initiate one) It could be telling me something there!

Dream of my lost job
by: Anonymous

Every time you try to force yourself down a path that God has not intended for you, you feel the resistance. When you finally realize the He is in control your nightmares will disappear and faith will set your dreams at peace. When God closes a door, he opens a window...so fly!

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