Dreamed my Girlfriend was my Wife and Pregnant

by Peter
(New York)

I had a dream that my girlfriend was my wife and she was pregnant and she looked a little older but still so beautiful and she was in my dad's old store which we still own but don't work there and i was happy. I had this dream when we were still going out now we are broken up not because I don't love her I wanted to make sure that when I got married to her we both didn't regret not experiencing life.

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the one is right infront of you... NEW
by: Anonymous

Did you let her know that?...I don't unerstand why guys say they want to "experience life" before they get married.. its like open your eyes! You found a girl the closest she can be do being the perfect one! Seriously don't let her go..because as soon as she's over you your going to regret breaking up with her.

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