I recently had an abortion for which i truly regret and feel so sad. My boyfriend of 3 years and i are both 30. i wanted to have my baby but my boyfriend insisted on ending the pregnancy (10 weeks) due to financial reasons. i am hurting deeply and feel so guilty. This does not seem to have affected my boyfriend at all. he is happy and relieved and hasn't shed a tear. why? where does this leave my relationship with him?

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by: Anonymous

I had an abortion at 33. When I contacted my boyfriend, I had to leave a voice mail because he wouldn't speak to me and he never spoke to me again. I was left to grieve by myself, just like you are. This does not bode well for a relationship. You deserve someone so much better than someone who can sit by while an abortion happens just for financial reasons. I realize you thought you had no other option. I thought that way, too. I think you should get rid of this guy b/c he can only cause you more heartache. Keep the faith. You and your baby are in my prayers.


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