Entering a Higher Spiritual Level

by Karen
(Odanak Quebec)

True essence

True essence

Hi, I am experiencing this,much of it is personal teaching that have come from Spirit. I feel that I am adjusting in a new skin.My sight( not seeing with eyes sight), has become intense,my outer hearing feels blocked in 1 ear, but I can hear more of things unsaid,My head is full of pressure and causing headaches, and this is part of the transformation. Where I am is very beautiful and new experiences are opening up for me, in a spiritual way. I think with the work I have been doing with the Grandmothers has brought me to a point and now they are passing me onto something far greater, another level, what a gift to be blessed to experience this and even more of a gift to realize and understand this.I pray one day all will be able to experience this. LOL Karen

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