God, Please Answer My Prayers.

by Serena

Every day I cry at how sad my life is. I'm a 16 year old girl struggling to stay alive, and not give myself a heart attack with all of this stressing school work. My single mother is poor, no job, horrible living conditions. I sometimes think that I may have been Hitler in my past life to be in this much distress. I know that there are others who don't have a home at all, or even food to eat, but that doesn't mean that my life couldn't be better. God. I need a miracle. I always wish for my mom to win the lotto so we could live a better life than we are right now... I always have to put on this mask when I'm at school, being happy all the time, to cover the hardship that I'm secretly living through at home... I can't even invite a friend over for a sleepover because I'm so ashamed of the dump I'm living in. God, I pray to you every night. Please. Answer my prayer this once. I hope to live better than this in the coming months, weeks, days hopefully.

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