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Updating for 2017

Hello dearest friends! Our site has a new design, and we are working on updating our site. Thanks for your patience as we transition!

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Financial Prayers - Prayers for Prosperity - Prosperity Prayer

So many have written requests for financial prayers to be helped by Divine intervention in relation to a desperate financial situation.

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How to Ask for Inner Guidance

This is a beautiful article from Julie of that will be helpful any time you need help knowing where to turn or how to get through a difficult situation.

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The Meaning of Dreams

The meaning of dreams is as unique and individual as you are. Just like snowflakes, no two souls are alike, and no two people dream alike.

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One World Meditations

One World Meditations offers a way of strengthening a network of light and love for the world.

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Give God a chance

Was going get on here and ask god for a job,changed my mind have so much to be thankful for I it just wouldn't be rite , never had much to do with god

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Occupy the world

It heartens me to think that there has been world wide response to the way the world is operated through the Occupy Movement. We are all beginning to realize

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Today is a Beautiful New Day. Fill it with so many amazing new experiences. You have the extremely valuable opportunity today to grow beyond your imagination.

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Remember this that Our TESTS have just been a TESTIMONY too HELP, LOVE, UPLIFT, SUPPORT, INSPIRE and ENCOURAGE OTHERS! A Warrior is defined as “1. One

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