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World Blessings offers many ways for you to share and meet others, to give and receive spiritual support, and to contribute your wisdom, vision, and light to our site. Do you have something to share? Please visit the links below to contribute, share a comment, start a discussion or suggest a new topic!

An Important Note About Contributing to This Site

The purpose of our site is to provide spiritual support and upliftment to those who are living a spiritual life. This is not the place to rant, blame others, or say negative things about other people or groups of people. We publish contributions, prayer requests and comments that are respectful and courteous, and that provide value to our visitors. All other contributions are deleted.

If you would like to share on our site, please read what you have written before you click the 'send' button. Ask yourself "does my contribution contribute to strengthening my own and others healing and relationship with God?" We all must take responsibility for the words, thoughts and actions we put out into the world. We welcome all contributions that support our purpose of bringing greater love and light into the world.

Additional Spiritual Supports

We also have an online spiritual community at which offers many additional spiritual supports including a members discussion forum which provides a place for deeper sharing within a safe and protected environment.

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