The Prayers of Longing

by Naomi

Somewhere in the world

a heart is longing for a word

of loving support,

some show of kindness

to feel someone is there

who hears a silent prayer.

Somewhere in the world

someone is wondering

if anyone cares.

Somewhere in an unknown place

another heart is longing

to offer an embrace

to sing a song of hope and grace

to give and share the prayer

be the one who cares.

Somewhere out in empty space

the longings touch

and a face comes into view

Where there were two apart

the two become as one

reaching for the sun.

We will never know how many times

when we cry out in the night

a light goes on in someone’s room

as someone hears our prayer

and begins to sing a lullaby

to soothe the lonely cry.

Love keeps a vigil night and day

to catch the silent tear that falls

for love knows when someone calls

there is someone on the way

to kiss away the tears

and calm the mounting fears.

Love may be found in the softness

and sound of the brush of wings,

in the nearness of a friend,

or in words that fall upon this page,

but for each heart that is broken,

somewhere a prayer is spoken.

Painting by Rassouli

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Jul 04, 2009
so beautiful
by: Anonymous

absoultely beautiful
many miracle to us all and love peace..

Jul 05, 2009
God is your partner
by: Anonymous

There are many stars in the sky,
and many drops of water in the ocean.
As many as these are the rays
of love that emanate from God's heart,
blessing and giving life to all.

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