August 2008

Meditation For Children

    All parents and educators know how open children can be to new learning and how receptive when interested. We also know how responsible we must be with respect to what we teach our children and allow them to absorb. When it comes to the values of meditation,... Read Article

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Enhancing Your Meditation

    There are several things that you can do to enhance your meditation time, no matter what the nature of your spiritual practice. One of them is to have an altar at which you sit. The second is to have a quiet preparation time of several minutes before the meditation... Read Article

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Symptoms Without a Diagnosis - The New Language of Energy

    Many people today are experiencing unanticipated bodily symptoms that seem to appear out of nowhere and have no real medical diagnosis. Others are aware of sudden emotional surges that also appear out of thin air, are intense, repetitive, yet difficult to connect... Read Article

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Ending Karmic Cycles and Post-Traumatic Stress

    There are many situations in life, especially those concerning relationships with others, where there is a desire to end patterns of feeling and behavior that have been longstanding but that do not contribute to our well being. Often, the way to end these patterns... Read Article

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