September 2008

Sacred Relationships

    Our most intimate experience of self is often that of what we need, wish for, or want, and so it is natural for us to imagine and hope for what we desire in another. Sometimes this wishing comes from our better self - the part that knows what we truly need... Read Article

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Spiritualizing the Body

    Many people today who have some knowledge concerning the identity of the soul and the passage of human beings through multiple lifetimes of experience, also have an understanding that 'karma' is what we carry from one lifetime to another as unhealed portions... Read Article

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Negative Campaigning - What Does America Want?

    In this presidential election year of 2008, the stakes regarding victory or defeat for each candidate are high; the competition for votes is fierce; and the strategies are abundant on both sides with which to win over the undecided. We, the public, see things... Read Article

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'Show and Tell' For Adults - The Zen of Seeing

    Pick an object. Any object that is familiar. Hold it in your hand and look at it. Then tell someone what it means to you. Tell a group of people what it means to you. Keep it on your desk at work. Carry it in your pocket when not at work. Give to this one object... Read Article

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Waiting in Trust - A Spiritual Practice

    During a time of transition, there is often a period of waiting for the new to arrive - the new within oneself as well as the new outside of the self. During this time, one often experiences the pain of waiting in a state of limitation - a pain that can be... Read Article

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