November 2008

Changing Identities - Healing the Past in the Present

    We are accustomed to thinking of time as linear, moving from the past to the future. However, all of time is mutable, that is, all of time is filtered through our consciousness and only exists within us as awareness. We think, for example, that the past may... Read Article

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Awakening - The Difference Between Remorse and Shame

    The heart that is opening to greater awareness of spiritual reality is essentially a moral heart, one that wants to love more and to share the beauty of life with all beings. Such a heart often feels discouraged in the presence of its own limitations and especially... Read Article

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Taking Time For the Sacred

    At a time of great intensity in life, when there are countless pressures externally and also pressures from within to meet diverse and sometimes conflicting goals, it is often hard to take time for the sacred. Often, one feels that the sacred must wait until... Read Article

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Forging a New Path - The Choice Beyond Fear

    The choice to forge a new path and to begin something new is coming to us, today, with more power than ever before. This choice arises because consciousness is becoming clarified by light, and also because the expansion of the heart is guiding us in a stronger... Read Article

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A New Look at Emotional Healing

    Emotional life has been looked at in many ways throughout history - as a result of 'humors' in the blood, disease, the unconscious mind, hormones, phases of the moon, and many other variables. Today, we are coming to understand that emotions are what they seem... Read Article

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