July 2009

Making Miracles Possible

    Human beings do not create miracles which are the province of the Divine. They may, however, strengthen the chain of connections which allow the miraculous to enter one's life, bringing with it the new and unexpected. Read Article

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A New Consciousness - The Story of Bottled Water

    There are many industries that have arisen in recent years due to unregulated commerce and to the appetites of large corporations to expand into new profits and new product lines. This expansion and proliferation of products must now be reevaluated in terms of their necessity and in terms of the climate crisis that humanity now faces. The cost not to do so is too great. Read Article

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How Consciousness Changes

    In the wake of recent revelations concerning Bernard Madoff and AIG, a nation's consciousness is becoming alert to something it now deems unacceptable. This sense of public outrage is due both to the movement into greater light of what was formerly hidden, and also to a value-shift that is creating a new perspective concerning what may be tolerated. This shift in consciousness is being brought about by forces of light that are affecting both individual consciousness as well as the policy and practices of governments. Read Article

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