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Welcome dearest one!  My name is Mashubi Shekiniah, thank you for visiting our site.

WorldBlessings.com came into being through inspiration and spiritual guidance that I received in April of 2005. We have been online since June of 2005 with the purpose of sharing spiritual guidance, support and information about the process of spiritual healing. 

We are supported by the donations of our visitors, and by donations we receive for our groups and classes.  We also offer private sessions and readings at WorldBlessings.net.

We are also honored and grateful to share the writings of my beloved teacher GurujiMa who previously was known as Julie of LightOmega.org.

For a number of years we offered a prayer request service, and although this is no longer available here, we are have many archives from previous requests and from those who shared their heartfelt spiritual experiences.

We are trying something new in 2021 and are now gratefully receiving prayer requests at our World Blessings Facebook page.

Vision and Intention

The long term vision I hold of World Blessings is of an evolving worldwide community of like-minded and like-hearted people of all faiths who come together to share a sacred life in God.

We honor all spiritual paths and all faiths with the common purpose of sharing God's love, Light, truth, faith, healing, and prayer with one another.

We honor and support each individual's sacred and precious unique God given gifts.

We bless the world with our vibration of Light and love, with our prayers, intentions, and our positive actions in the world.

World Blessings is being created in harmony with Spirit, according to the flow of spiritual guidance and energy received each day. New spiritual guidance supports, messages and guided meditations are announced on our World Blessings e-mail list.

Each of us is important. Each thought, feeling and action that we put out into the world affects the vibration of the planet we live on.

The guided meditations, articles and spiritual guidance messages offered through our mailing list are intended to provide a vehicle to raise our vibration, to become more conscious in a daily way of the energy we are putting out into the world.

These also provide a way for us to help each other to be more responsible and accountable for the energy we are choosing to manifest each day on the Earth.

I feel within my heart a deep desire to share God's love and Light with others and to add to the vibration of healing and prayer in the world.

There are millions of people on our planet working to bring greater peace, harmony, and love to our world through all different forms.

I see seeds of light manifesting everywhere, and through so many different forms ...

Meditation, prayer, sustainable environmental practices, social artistry, ministry, social entrepreneurship, spiritual healing, education, transformational business practices, environmental activism, political activism, social service, public service and many other avenues can all be vehicles of light.

It is my desire to support these efforts through an ongoing relationship with those that feel connected with us.

More About Me

I have been working in the area of spiritual healing since 1983. Since childhood, I have felt a great love in my heart for humanity, and in my early 20's discovered more directly my soul's calling to be of service to the Earth and to serve as a channel for God's healing.

I was blessed to have a sudden and direct experience of God's reality at age 21 which transformed my life. During that time I was guided to mentors and teachers who helped me to get to know myself, and eventually was guided to begin offering spiritual counseling and guidance sessions to individuals, couples, and groups.

I work as a spiritual counselor and messenger for healing, and within my spiritual healing communities, joining my energy and intention with many thousands of other lightworkers across the world to bring more of God's love and Light to the Earth.

My work in the world has taken many forms over the years. I've been a teacher, job coach, vocational counselor, energy healer and bodyworker, internet business owner, intuitive channel, and therapist.

My college education taught me about the transformative potential of enlightened education, and my graduate studies were equally life-changing, causing my entire way of thinking about myself and about society's problems to be transformed.

Throughout the years I studied a number of holistic and spiritual healing modalities such as therapeutic bodywork, yoga, martial arts, Body Mind Centering, Acupressure, authentic movement, polarity therapy, shamanic healing, bioenergetics therapy, tarot, crystal healing, herbal healing, nutritional healing and many other holistic modalities.

Most recently I've been guided to study the Florais da Amazonia flower essence system, and to learn how to do spiritual readings with the Cards of AN, developed by Solara.

These modalities have not only transformed my own awareness but also taught me that God has given humanity so many opportunities and paths to become more whole and discover who we truly are.

After all this study, I eventually discovered that all the skills we learn to help others are not the real key to spiritual healing!

After decades of non-stop intensive training and several college degrees and certificates, this came as somewhat of a shock to me.

I realized through the blessing of meeting and being with my beloved spiritual teacher GurujiMa, that spiritual healing is facilitated more by who we are, rather than what we do.

The more we can Be that magnificence that God is, that we Are, the more we can help others to experience God's reality for themselves.

The more connected we are to God in our consciousness, mind, and body, the more of God's love and Light we can bring to a suffering and challenged world.

The more of God's Light and love we carry within ourselves, the more transformation and spiritual healing can be facilitated for those around us.

The more we can "walk our talk" by living in each moment connected with God's love and Light, the more we can help others to have their own experience of God's reality.

There are so many aspects of God and spiritual life that are present and available to anyone who wishes to deepen their spiritual connection.

God is Love, Light, Infinity, Truth, and so much more. In the ultimate sense, we are already connected with God who created us.

God is expressed in all religions and spiritual paths. Each of us as souls have our own unique vibration and resonance ... we are drawn to the people and spiritual paths that express the essence of who we are.

My soul's main vibrational resonance is with the path of Christ the Redeemer and the Divine Mother, although I do not resonate with many of the current expressions of organized religions.  I am involved on a daily basis with the spiritual work of anchoring God's holy vibration of Light and love on the Earth so that all beings may feel and experience God's love.

I am also deeply connected with the spiritual currents of Buddhism and Judaism, the spirituality of ancient Egypt, the Heart of AN, Sufism, the spiritual teachings of the native and indigenous peoples of the Earth, the Divine Mother as she expresses herself in India and in all cultures, the symbolism of the tarot, and with the spiritual principles of the Japanese martial art of aikido, "the way of harmony".

I feel a deep connection and resonance with the spirituality of the Earth, with the land and peoples of Brazil, with India and her peoples, and with the spiritual principles of freedom, and liberty and justice for all.

My arena of spiritual service is within a committed worldwide sacred community of Light workers who work with God and the spiritual realms of the Earth to bring love, Light, transformation, and healing to this beautiful Earth.

These some of the different spiritual currents which are a part of me inform the content and the language of this site and my work.

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