An Emotionally Confusing Dream

by Dee

A year ago I met someone at work. When I laid eyes on him it was like the air drained from my lungs. I always look people in the eye and I couldn't stop looking at him. I felt like i knew him very well and that his name was on the tip of my tongue before i knew what it was. This never happens to me as I’m a very constant, anti-superficial person and I have a boyfriend that isn't easy (who is? ;0) ) but that I love very much.

Thing was it wasn't just attraction, we have the same sense of humour and if we even brushed it was like an electrical hum passed from skin to skin. When I first met him I made the mistake of joking (he got my name wrong) and shaking his hand. It was actually scary, he couldn't let go of it for a while he made a joke but held onto my hand until he realised what he was doing, looked at his hand strangely and let go. At the time he also had a partner. But we told each other everything at work, would help each other with personal problems, text each other jokes until he said 2 weeks after we met "we're just on the same wavelength, we’re like starsky and hutch" the name stuck.

We don't hang out but we do talk online or he visits me for 5 minutes where I work now (we don't work in the same place anymore). Before Christmas he came into the store where I work to tell me his girlfriend left him and to say hi. He was broken hearted and when I hugged him he squeezed me tight and looked into my eyes.
This scarily strong connection is something I’ve never experienced. I don't often dream of him (or when I do he's just looking into my eyes or holding my hand and talking or laughing).

Anyway, he came in to say hi a few days ago looking a little lost and when he looked at me it was as if he was trying to memorise my face. I sent him a message later to cheer him up, assuming he was still tender about the heartache of his ex. he was funny as usual.

Then, 2 days later I have this dream… I’m in a sunny apartment- a relaxing place with cream walls and wooden floors. I think I live there. In the dream I don't know where my boyfriend is but he's still my boyfriend. My friend has come to visit and I’m happy since we laugh so much, are so inexplicably close and I just love being around him. But I notice there's nervousness in his eyes. I think we're relaxing on a big couch having just watched a movie when he sighs, looks at me and says my name in a serious but nervous voice. I think I know what he's going to say and I try to stop him but he says that he has to say what he should have a long time ago. I say i love my boyfriend. But he hears the uncertainty, i think and so he takes my hand and says "you know how i feel about you" and I nod and tell him he knows how i feel about him. I’m too scared to look at him. And he says that he needs to say it out loud. I think I cry a little. Then he touches my face and says my name, saying also “i love you”. And he kisses me and then curls into me so that we're cradling each other he strokes my arm lazily. I woke up saying his name and still feeling the touch on my arm. And it still felt like he was there. I could smell his hair and his skin as if I was still holding him.

I’m a pretty intuitive person who always tries to follow her heart- I’ve had feelings that aren't specific but tell of loved ones in trouble and when i call (this has happened 3 or 4 times) my worries are always founded (one friend had been hit by a car on his bike when i called. I got the news when i called his girlfriend on a hunch). Sometimes i know things about people when I first meet them that I shouldn't be able to. Again nothing super specific but I get feelings about them. But never in all my life have i experienced such a powerful connection with anyone. If I’m honest, it sort of scares me. I would never leave my boyfriend or cheat on him although we fight sometimes and things take a lot of work, we do treasure each other and have told each other this. but with this my friend,I was thinking about him walking home and got a clear moving picture of two little kids- a boy and a girl wearing old clothes and of him smiling,(with a different face) and me (with a different face)as husband and wife. The picture was of a very happy family playing in a one-room cottage with a dirt floor, all from long ago. Weird. I’m imaginative but this was nutty. The picture was brief and came with the smell of the sea but sort of like a moving photo with crisp colours. Later that night he sent me a message and I hadn't been in touch with him in over a month. Help! What is this thing between us? I've read about all sorts of metaphysical things because i've been compelled to look for an answer. I said to God "I’ll let you guide the situation here and try not to seek him out." 3 weeks later was when he arrived crestfallen having just been dumped by his girlfriend. Its funny, I think he's equally wary and puzzled. But we gravitate toward one another, even if a month goes by without contact. one of us reaches out eventually. Strange, eh? I’d love to hear anything you have to say. I did our horoscope charts online and 3 of our planets are in the same place. He’s 4 years younger than me and was born in a different country. go figure. The universe is beautiful and mysterious.i'm trusting God on this one but would love to understand what i'm experiencing. Thanks! And sorry this is so long!

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