Attending Dads Funeral Twice

by Mz.C

My Dad passed 2 yrs ago & I was there for the entire thing!! I didnt miss a beat!! I had a dream like it never happened and this time I missed his funeral and all bc I was at my boyfriends Moms funeral.. & i totally missed his burial and all!! Ive been told im putting myself last & i need to put me first!! My now ex boyfriend only considers self and that dream was a big part of my confirmation that we arent a team!! He woke me up and I had tears running all down my face!!! Hes been very selfish and thats truly his character!! Im just wondering am I on the right track??

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grief NEW
by: Anonymous

Honey, it may be as simple as you still miss your parent and keep wondering if you did as much as you should 4 that parent. Of course, this is my own stuff. I wish I could dream of my mother but don't. I do occasionally think I feel her presence in the room but everyone tells me it is God. God Bless

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