Baby Dream

by Ambie
(Saskatoon, SK Canada)

Last night I had dreamt I had this tiny baby, maybe premature,he had a head the size of an orange, with huge green eyes. His body was so small and fragile. In my dream I was out shopping with this tiny baby held close to me as if I were holding a book up to my chest. I remember not being very caring about this baby, and wondered to myself when the last time I had fed him, or changed the diapers. After "shopping" I remember going onto an airplane, and meeting a guy who also had a tiny baby. I woke up feeling so sad about this baby, and this dream bothered me all day.

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I had the same sort of thing! NEW
by: Cat

I had a very similar dreamlast night, except my friend had a small baby and was bigger than mine. I kept forgetting I had the baby and when I was holding it my cat scratched it and I wasn't really worried. And the baby had too many toes on one foot but it wasn't a strange thing. I think that I'm 4 1/2 weeks pregnant, unplanned but Im happy if I am so why would I not care about this baby if I want it. Been bothering me all day too!

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