Best Friends dream about me

by linda

My best friend and I were having a sleep over and the next morning my friend tells me about her dream, which includes me and her Grandfather whom is passed away. It makes me wondering what it could mean.

She tells me how she is sitting on the top of my stairs waiting for me. She then looks down the hallways into my mother bedroom, where she sees me laying on my mother’s bed. Then she notices her Grandfather sitting on my legs. She remembers not being able to see my legs through her Grandfather legs, but she knew I was still lying on the bed. She then looked back and forth from the room because she was scared and didn’t believe her eyes. She was uncomfortable while telling me and I wish I could let her know what it means.

I would greatly appreciate if anyone can help me out with an interpretation of this dream.

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A friend dreamt about me NEW
by: Anonymous

my best friend had a dream and saw me tied with a rope on a tree.
then later i also had a dream that i was in a pit and was struggling to come out.
Later that night i saw myself running in a dream because i was being chased. A rope was thrown to trap my leg and i cut the rope continued with the running.

please interpenetrate this dream for me and help me pray about it

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