bills, papers overflowing

My deceased mother, someone else and myself were sitting at the table. I was going through the mail and a letter fell out of some advertisements. The letter looked like an overdraft notice from the bank. I took the envelope without opening it and there was a white plastic bag sitting on the floor stuffed with papers that needed recycled or that needed my attention. I added the envelope to the bag and the bag fell over on it's side. The papers, envelopes and such fell out. They were just overflowing. All the papers and envelopes were white. I noticed my mom was looking and I felt guilty and shameful. I woke up. I had this dream within a few minutes of falling asleep and I am now wide awake. FYI I am experiencing financial difficulties and I am being tempted with a relationship that would not be godly. I have been praying for God to give me strength, discernment and stronger faith that He will provide for my 9-year old daughter and I. My mom passed 2 years ago.
What do you think God is telling me? The first thing I thought of was that my blessings will be overflowing and that He sees all.

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