blessings from snake..

i always dream about biting, or without biting...but the dream i had today was weird..i dreamt like the snake is blessing me..what does that mean?? and y do i dream about snakes often..

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by: Robert

The snake has down the ages always been a symbol of divine wisdom. It would appear that a snake biting you in a dream could very well be your higher spirit self advising you that you are about to receive some form of guidance; the act of 'biting' could also be an effort by your soul to get you to endeavor to become more spiritually aware via meditation, visualization, study and service. Your higher self is obviously ready to begin that inner journey. You are really blessed i think with this symbol./

snakes having sex
by: Anonymous

I don't know how to submit my putting it it is.. there were two snakes stuck to one another(they were having sex). Me and my boyfriend saw them..he said seeing that would either destroy us or do us good.. then the snakes started chasing of it wrapped itself on my leg but then I succeeded in throwing it far away..could you say what it means?

by: shona

snakes make me sick... i am tired and habitted dreaming of them every nite but the best part iz they show sympathy towards me,, they cry looking at me,,, i knw that thr iz a deep meaning in all ma dreams but i cant figure it out wat it iz,,, m so damn sick of it dat m even afraid to sleep ... :(

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