catching my girlfriend

by lady

I had a dream that I was with 2 women (in reality these 2 women were ones I had cheated on my current girlfriend with.) in my dream I was talking with these women, but I felt like something was missing. Off in the distance I saw my Girlfriend staring at me with a look of disappointment, she started coming towards me but she wasn't walking she was floating, and as she came closer she stared at me then looked away, she kept floating past me and I was yelling out to her to stop and I was diving trying to catch her but no matter how hard I tried, I kept missing. The other two women disappeared and I was only trying to get her to not leave and to come back or catch her so she would stay. And as I was trying to catch her I was crying and even woke up crying.

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unaprecciated love.. NEW
by: Anonymous

Well it seems like you feel some sort of guilt for cheating on didn't aprecciate what you have and a lot of guys do that. You might not know that you love her till you're close to losing her and that's why in your dream she was floating away. Because you needed a realization that she's the one. But that you messed up and could be loosing her if you don't be honest. And you cried because it felt so real and as if it was really happening before your eyes, didn't it... that's happen to me but I let it take over me and that's where I mess up. Don't let it get to you because I can hurt you, little by little and you won't even know. Till you see a dramtic change not only in yourself but in your life/love/relationship..etc. I'm only 16 going on 17, but I have a lot of respect towards relationships as much as I'm the person a lot of people come to advice for.. well I hope everything is going good with you and your girlfriend..good luck.

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