Celing Light Spraying Water at me

by Kris
(New Britain, CT)

I've drempt of this house or place before but not this dream. Now a two apartment bldg, but more like a raised ranch home. 1st floor or upstairs was 1 apt and the basement floor or downstairs was another apt. Both very open to each other through stairs. I wasn't sure about renting as the home needed repairs. The doors to one apt in particular you could not lock, the whole bottom of the wall was able to be pushed away from the home. I lost my cell phone and tried to find it in the basement apt, as I walked through the hallway I saw some drops of water on the floor, when I came back I saw water actually coming from the ceiling light and thought thats dangerous water coming through the light. I kept walking around the corner and the water started following me, no longer running down from the light but almost as if it was attacking me, more and more water. I did not find the phone and ran from the house with the water trying to get me. I thought the house was haunted and didn't want anyone to live in it.

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