childhood dream

by shannon
(new york)

throughout my early childhood, i would have this reoccurring nightmare. it was the same every time so in the dream i knew what would happen next. here it is:
my parents would be having a party at our house with most of our family there. everyone would be having a good time in the backyard and then i would go inside and go into my kitchen. in the kitchen there was a large, rusty, gold key that would be floating right in the middle of the floor. i would start hearing sounds coming from the basement. the sounds came from a werewolf-like monster so it was like a threatening growling and cackling sound. i would run back outside and my mom would be there. i would tell her that we and the rest of our family have to run and get away from the house because something bad was about to happen. she believed me, but refused to leave. she told me to run away and she would be just fine. so from the backyard, i would run around the side of my house towards the front yard. i would hear the werewolf and my family screaming behind me. i would get to the front yard and start to run down the street but the farther i got from my house, the slower i was able to run. i was trying to run so hard, but my body would move as slow as a snail. i heard the werewolf getting closer and closer, but i never turned around or looked back. as soon as he was a foot away from me, i would wake up. i never actually saw the werewolf. the final time i had this dream, when the werewolf was about to get me i tried to fly away, but i could not get more than a couple of feet off of the ground.

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