by kavya

i always see my classmate infact who was one of my good friend, in my dream frequently, i am not in touch with him since i finished my schooling almost 6yrs back.whenever i see him in the same old school uniform and we are still in our 10th std. classroom.

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Dreaming of a classmate friend NEW
by: Amit

Even i am dreaming same, I had a crush on a girl in class 8, in 1997. I use to chase her everyday to her home and one day we were friends then something went wrong in our friendship and I had a abusing argument wih her, which hurt her a lot and we were no ore in touch.

Now 2012, I still see her in my dreams once/twice a week. We go out, we have fun, we fight, or I hide and watch her as I use to do in class 8.

I cannot understand this connection.

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