by anita m

i had a dream that i was talking to a friend but i have never seen her before in my life. she told me that a guy called chace really liked me and was going to ask me out. the next thing i no there is a copper and brown cockroch think on my head so i scream and flick it off and it crawls up my arm into my elbow under my skin.

my friend said chace is a trainee doctor he can help. so she asked him for me and he said give me a look. and told me it was a small opperation and he would set up in his home. so we went and he was so nice he told me not to worry that he would look after me. he gave me some pain relief and started to take the bug out of my elbow. he did and i didn't feel anything. i hugged him because i was so relieved and he dropped the bug i was waiting for the bug to go in under my skin again but it didn't and i didnt even bother about it this time i was still holding on to chace and i could felt that i was falling for him. what does this all mean

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