Death Dream

All I remember is that me,the whole class, and one of my teachers were in our classroom, and the teacher announced that Cristy(I'll call her Cristy) is absent but later , Cristy's mom came up and talked to me and 1,2 or 3 more people , she said something at first(i can't remember) , then she began to cry and said " Cristy is not absent , she's dead ! " .. That's where the dream ended , i think .. lol, anyway weird things happened to me and a few of my classmates in the other days , last time, a bird went inside our classroom(in our country, a bird getting inside a house means that something bad will happen to anyone who is in there) , next thing that happened just happened yesterday , when me and my groupmates(classmates) were taking a video , and we saw a lot of Black Birds(in my country, seeing a black bird is very unlucky) , should i believe in these and my dreams , is this a sign of something ? , what does it mean ?

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