by Melissa Lewis
(Romney, WV)

In late March, my husband and I traveled from the East Coast to Wyoming to see our Son and his family. On our second night there I had a dream that his mother was in the hospital in Maryland and passed away. The dream seemed real! I brushed it off and just figured I had eaten something strange. The next day my sister-in=law called to say my Mother-in-law was in the hospital in Va. OK, still brushed it off. We returned after our 2 weeks in Wy, left Dulles Airport and stopped in Winchester to see her. She had a heart issue and seemed very well and Medicare said she needed to go to a nursing home for rehab. 10 days later....she died in Sacred Heart Hospital in Cumberland, MD. Alot of the things I dreamed came true....After her burial I was talking to my Aunt and she asked me if I remembered my Grandmother talking about Token Spirits? I vaguely do remember. but am not sure. Since May I have had 2 more come true dreams! Is this the work of the Holy Spirit? Please someone tell me what is going on!

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