by lehua
(Miami, Florida)

my name is lei and i have been in a new relationship for going on 2 years. well my ex boyfriend died in 2008 and we were separated at the time of his death. well i been having dreams like atleast once a month that he is stilll alive and i am the only person that is shocked thathe is alive. in these dreams i am with my current boyfriend and my ex has come back to work on our relationship. and in my dreams instead of being with my current boyfriend, i end up going back to my ex and working things out with him. please tell me what these dreams means and how can i make it stop. please help me. thank you

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by: Tameca

It seems as if you haven't emotionally let go of your ex boyfriend, and maybe before he passed one or both of you were thinking of reconciling the relationship. Even though you are in a new relationship your feelings for your ex seem to be still strong. There could be various reasons for this dream, is there a birthday of his coming up? Is the anniversary of when you two first met coming up that is triggering these dreams, or maybe the anniversary of his death? At these times we usually seem to dream or think of loved ones the most, I hope this sort of helps, if you have any more questions you can reach me at dzire100@aol.com, God bless!!

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