Dream of a New Earth

by Kaye

My dream involved the entire earth being destroyed by God with volcanic lava. The lava was everywhere even in those places where there were no volcanoes. However, for those of us whom God had chosen to be saved, we were told to go to the ocean and lay on the ocean floor and He would protect us. I don't know how long the lava flowed, but the chosen ones were brought up out of the ocean and there was nothing except the ocean and us. God then said that we were the ones He had chosen to rebuild His earth.

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May the New Earth be yours
by: Anonymous

I pray that you carry out your soul purpose to its fullest. I pray that you live the life of your dreams. I pray that you fulfill your soul contract. I pray that you shine in your true magnificence.

great minds see alike lol!
by: Anonymous

i had the exact same dream only i had to warn them but they wudnt listen it was really weird they waited to last last minute to leave their homes even til the lava was in the streets. i tried as hard as i cud to save as many as i cud as well.

its realy the end time NEW
by: Blessed

its the end time,thank u are saved in that dream,but and acomplish ur mission.

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