Dream of Cobra Chasing Me ??

by Quisha
(Atlanta, Ga)

I had a dream that I was at some type of show and there were two snakes in large fish tanks filled with water, one was a yellow snake and the other was a cobra. I noticed there was no tops on the tanks and I asked a woman could they get out, she said no, they were sedated and if they started to move she would should them with the tank gun, well at that moment the cobra started to move fast, before I knew it the cobra was hoovering over hissing with its veins showing, I noticed the heas was so very large,somehow I get away and start running down a corridor that now looks like a house I see a friend that I work with and she is big as a house(pregnant) she's not pregnant in real life anyway I casually ask her when she's due and she says any day now, I say okay and the next thing I no im back in the corridor running from the snake and I start to tell my family members to close there doors and keep them closed. I don't see them but somehow I no thats who I was telling I get to a room at the end of the hall and close the door, when I peak back out I see one door open I tip down the hall my niece is in the room standing still looking scared to death and the snake is on the other side just looking at her, I tell her to move slow to me at the door don't run move slow she does this with the snake following close to her when she gets out the door to me we start running and then I wake up. I can't stop thinking about it though.

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