Dream of Deceased Father

My dad passed away 7 yrs ago. Last night for the first time I dreamed of him and it seemed so real. There was a glass partition between us I wasn't able to touch him but I could see him. I was so happy to see him. He looked at me and motioned to me that he couldn't talk I said why daddy please talk to me. He motioned to me that he loved me and I told him I loved him too. I woke up feeling happy that he came to my dream after so long and so sad because I miss and love him so much. Can someone tell me what this means

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by: Pat

Your Dad did come to you in this dream. The glass partition only represents a temporary barrier between this world and the next. He is happy, well. He will see you soon enough, and be there to greet you when your time comes. In the meantime, be assured, he loves you very much. Live your life now.

deceased dad
by: irene

i also dreamt of my dead father i thought i was awake and all the hairs on the back of my neck seemed to prickle ,felt like i couldnt move and tried to shout out but was afraid i saw my husband go to the bathroom and someone came forward to me out of the dark ,it was my deceased dad looking at me and bending down to me smiling but i still felt afraid ,when i told my husband he said i shouted out dad , i really felt he had been there as it was my birthday but felt scared the night after going to bed

He let me say goodbye
by: Irene

I never got a chance to say good bye to my Father or to tell him how much I love him and what he ment to me, then one night I had a dream and in my dream I new it was my chance to let him know. I put my arms around him and told him every thing that was in my heart. He held me and never said a word just a peaceful look on his face. I woke up crying because I knew it was good bye for now. that was many years ago. I havent had a dream of him since.

Praise the Lord
by: David J

Praise the lord unto you and your father in the name of Jesus

The lord is a mercyful lord Amen

Fear not as the Angels sing his name Amen

daddy 2000
by: Anonymous

My daddy died 11 years ago. He has been in my dreams several times throughout the years. One I really loved was he called me and I and only I got to ask him if he was ok? He stated oh yes. As time went by I see him in a living room through a sliding window and he just waved hello. I think i see my daddy and when i take a double take its an old man that just resembled my daddy. Any significance?

dreaming of fatheri
by: Anonymous

My father passed away 14 years ago. I always wanted to dream of him but I only have twice ever. The one im going to tell about was so vivid. He was wearing what he's buried in. I would just look at him and his green deep eyes it was just his face I could see. He said "there will be a father dance" that's all I remember

dreaming of the deceased
by: Anonymous

my dad passed away 4 years ago, me and my mum have been having the same dream, we dream we see my dad but we see him but he does not reconise us and he does not speek to us what does this mean it's happened several times now, thanks

Dad Dream
by: Anonymous

I had a dream about my dad who died almost 2 years ago.. He just appeared in my dream and didn't say anything. He looked very peacful and happy wearing the suit I loved him in. I was waiting to get back some test results which could have gone either way and now looking back at my dream I believe he was telling me everything was ok. I was able to give him a little hug.

Dreams of my deceased father
by: Cherry Hill

My father died in 1985 and for many years after he died, I often dreamed of him driving our old pickup truck that he drove when I was a small child, when he and my mother would take all us children to watch the air plans leave the air port and come into the airport. In my dream he would always be dressed in white and never talked, but he would always be smiling. Those times when my parents took us on those outings it was some of the best times we had.

Deceased father
by: Katie

Last night I dreamt my father who has been deceased for 7 years came to me and my brother and told us not to worry he will turn the waters upside down to protect us from the devil. I have no clue how I should take this dream.

Dad was happy
by: Anonymous

My father past away 4 weeks ago, and I had my first dream about him "coming back" for one day only so we could all tell him once more how much we love him and miss him, he didn't speak, but just smiled the whole day, he knew that he was going back (up there) and was happy with being back for a day and to go back also.....
Does this mean he is at peace and is happy??

Dad was happy
by: Anonymous

My father past away 4 weeks ago, and I had my first dream about him "coming back" for one day only so we could all tell him once more how much we love him and miss him, he didn't speak, but just smiled the whole day, he knew that he was going back (up there) and was happy with being back for a day and to go back also.....
Does this mean he is at peace and is happy??

My Opinion
by: Anonymous

In spiritual Research, dreaming about snakes, does not mean anything Good...please ask God for interpretation of dreams

Miss my father
by: Anonymous

My father passed away few months ago I didn't get to say good bye to him . I do see him in my dream never talking to me always doing something like talking to people or using his mobile . I miss him everyday only once I saw him taking to me and showing me what he was wearing

Passing of my father
by: Anonymous

My father passed away about 2 weeks ago. It was sudden and unexpected. He passed in his sleep from a heart attack at age 49. The past 5 years have been a struggle as my father has dealt with prescription drug abuse along with bi-polar episodes and severe depression. He was in the air force for about 5 or so years and when we moved back to my hometown, he had a great job and supported his family. In 2002 my father lost his job due to political bs and since then, he couldn't shake the affect it had on him. He started getting this weird feeling in his left arm and had seen many specialists and doctors.. All telling him nothing is wrong and sent him home with Vicodin, morphine, claudopin, and more.. Due to this feeling he couldn't sleep and was being put on Xanax and other drugs which ultimately led to his addiction. He would always say he needed help as we would tell him our thoughts. We even had him in rehab that only lasted one night.. Last may, the doctor told him he wouldn't perscribe any more Xanax so inspite of this, along with depression, he had taken the whole bottle of Xanax and was sent to the psych ward where he was held for 1 week. When he got out, doctors still gave him the pills and nothing changed.. The week before he passed away, he called me screaming to tell my mom not to touch his pills.. We had a conversation on how I missed my dad and how I thought he was an addict. He said he was never told this when he had a job so he told my mom to help him find one. He wanted to start working.. Well unexpectantly he passed from a heart attack not related to prescription drugs but from a clogged artery. 2 nights ago my lil sister asked him before she went to bed if he could visit her in her dream.. Sure enough, he did! Now,she works at KFC while taking college courses so, in her dream she was at work and he came in and ordered a meal. While packing the order up, she asked how he was and he said he missed her and started crying so she took him by the arm and took him to the back and hugged him. So, last night, I asked him to visit me in my dreams.. And he did!! We were at my grandmothers and when he walked in, I gave him a huge hug and said I miss his hugs.. He started crying! Throughout my dream it was him following us and us only being able to hear and see him so to show my friends I put change out and said dad are you here? He moved the coins to yes.. What does this mean????

Decease father needing new shoes
by: Dennis

My father died in 1988. He came to me last night saying that he needed. Pair of shoes, which I gladly purchase for him. I never had the chance to tell him good bye

my dead died 5 months ago
by: shernelle

My dead died five months ago. on the 19th february 2012. he was buried on the 27th. now everytime i dream something i always comes to pass. Howver i prayed tio god several times not to dream of him cause i was to afraid. Any way fro the first time ever i had a dream about him dispite my plead to god. I dream he was alive in the hopspital and he was telling my sister "you be you" now he said this several times to her. right emphasis was on her.(they were the closes of all my siblings). Anyway, the frighting part of thi s is, before he died he lived with this woman for about 15 years. my mom and dad sperated. and he said in the dream that the lady in questioned had diarrhea. and something about carrot and chive and juice. i cant remeber

After 12yrs
by: Deserie

My father pass away 12years ago I was 17 and I had just had a baby . I knew he was disappointed in me ,but when he lied eyes on my son he loved him when my father got real sick and in the hositpal the last night I saw him alive the family was there we all walk to go home my brother turn to him and I love u nd my father said it back ,but when I had
said to him he turned the other way. The following day my fathers lungs colaspes nd the doctor said he was dying so we all went to see in the icu room i cried hard after he past I felt like my world ended years and years past by now I'm 30 and my son is 12 for my first in all my life my dad came to my dream and told me he loved him I tried to hug him but everytime I got close to him he went further away but what I really trip out on in my dream I was 5years old??? I'm wondering why 5

Deceased father laughing
by: Anonymous

I keep dreaming of my father who past away nearly 14 months ago in my dream all i see is him laughing could anyone explain this dream as it has me baffled

Dream of Dad
by: Jeff

My dad passed away from a heart attack in 92, he was 59. He wasn't perfect but he was a good man, as good as bad guys come. In life the man had presence, he could walk into a room and you'd know it without turning your head. After he died I wondered how it was possible for great men to walk through this world only to disappear into thin air by something called death. All thats ever left in life is Father Thumb-Up-Your-Ass and his profound speeches on dichotomies at church every Sunday but thats not MY dad. I felt it was me who died when the doctor in the ER called the time of death, 6:38pm. I once had a girlfriend who said people who smoke cigarettes go to hell. This came to my mind during the month after he died, he smoked 2 packs a day. I thought to myself if there was even an outside chance this were true I would kill myself right here and now to find this place called hell and re-define the goddamn place. I prepared for suicide based on the outside chance my ex-girlfriend was right. But one month after he died I had a vivid life-like dream of my dad standing before me. I felt his presence strongly, without doubt I knew it was him. He wore his tam and rimmed glasses and a maroon jacket. I'm not someone who remembers clothes a person wears. My sister pulled the maroon jack he wore the day he died out of storage years later and it was only then I remembered it as the jacket I saw him wearing in this dream. As my dad stood before me in the dream I inspected for his health and well-being like a Mastercheif. I looked him up and down for even the most remote sign of being bothered by non-smokers and I found him to be healthier and have better well-being than I had ever seen him in life. My voice cracked when I asked him if he'd like to go outside with me and have a cigarette. He never spoke but we left the room we were in and we entered a vestibule on our way outside. There in the vestibule for the first time in my life I didn't feel like having a cigarette and it felt good not to feel like you have to have a cigarette. I turned and looked at my dad and i saw a light shining down on his face which he looked back into with a peaceful and contented expression. It was a look I had never before seen him have in his whole life. (He had anger management problems). He never looked back but that was fine with me, I was happy he was happy and well taken care of.

Reality is established by dreams. Reality based dreams of seeeing departed loved ones as incorruptible bodies call attention to the reality we live in. In other words, these type of dreams mean your loved one lies in an incorruptible state. Mind you, I'm not going to dig up my dad to prove it, my mom might end up selling him to the pope or something. Thats my dad, he's not some cigar store indian for anyone for it.

dead father
by: Anonymous

I lost my father 1yr 6months ago. Last night I had a dream that my dad came home, and we could see him but not touch him, he was looking at a shrine we have for him. He started crying. It almost felt like he didn't know he was dead. Please help what does this mean??

My Dead Father Comes Back to Life
by: Anonymous

I dreamed about my father last night. I dreamed that there was a coffin down the street from where my father lives. When I got close to the coffin I saw my father lying there. He then got up and began to run around the coffin. He lay down on the street. I looked at him and he told me, "Awww, this feels cool." I ran to my mom's house that is down the street to tell my mother that my father is alive. When I arrive to my mom’s home, I tell my mother that my father is alive. She does not believe me. At that moment my father walks into our home. I don't remember what happened after that but I remember I felt scared of my father and I began to hide. I kept telling him you are dead. He would not tell me anything but follow me. I kept hiding and he would find me. The next thing I remember, my Dad’s face was disfigured. He chased me outside. I began to run and then I jumped on top of the roof and he jumped after me. Just as he was about to get me, I saw some lights that could be seen through a black cloud. I saw people walking into that cloud and would then disappear into the cloud. I jumped off the roof and ran towards the lights. My father chased behind. All of a sudden we were absorbed into another place. I then see a lady that is standing next to me. She tells me, “He is finally home.” I turned to look and I see my father lying on a coffin; everything around him is white. I look at her at walk away without saying a word. All of a sudden I wake up. I feel terrible. I love my father dearly. It has been a year since my father breath. He was unable to speak the whole time he was at the hospital. The day my father passed away, I walked in as he had just had a heart attack. All the nurses were there with him and they would not let us in. I asked if I could tell him something. They allowed me. I told him I loved him but I never told him it was I that was telling him. What does this dream mean? Does it mean that my father cannot cross over to the other side and he needs my help to do it? I am so worried. I have been praying for him all day. Please let me know. Thank you.

the unknow daddy
by: Anonymous

When I was 15 months old, my dad got hit by a car. I barley knew him. Sometimes I cry because every time and every day I see a dad spending time w/ his son/daughter that I would never get to experience.When I was 4, I was camping outside in the rain w/ no adult super vision. There was this guy who saw me and asked me if I want to stay w/ him until my mom comes back. Turns out the guy I talked to was my dad. It made me happy.I try best as I can to get dad back in my dream but I had no luck until on my 12th birthday. In this dream, he tooked me to Disney World for 2 weeks. We ride rides, ate good food, he even told happy birthday and gave me a hug and kiss for a good bye. When I woke up, I was very happy. Even though I never knew my dad, I will always be daddy's little girl. :)

dream with dad speaking to me.
by: Elsa rosell

I was not feeling well, at 1 am , made me a cup of linden tea. while my x partner was falling asleep on sofa. nothing new.
I said outloud, my lord if my father were alive i would never be making my own tea, he would always take care of me when i was sick.
i drank teament to bead and this x, said (hope u dont have insomnia tonight.
i woke up at 4 am, there was dad dressed with his tommy hillfigger shirt, and said to me , you have been through some rough times since ive

loving dad
by: Anonymous

My dad passed almost 9yrs ago.I've had some dreams but the best one was when me and him were riding in his truck.Talking to each other about things that had happened in my life.The part i remember the most was right before i got out of the truck he said "Son i love you and I'm very proud of you".I asked if i would see him again.He said you will but not for a long time he told me i still had a lot to do here.The last thing i said before i woke up was i love u dad.He said i know you do.Then i got out of the truck waved to my dad he waved and drove off.I woke up in tears was it real i don't know.

My dad came to me in a dream
by: Annette

It was 3 days after my dad's funeral that I dreamt I saw him circling the ceiling, he then came straight through me, I felt him leave and enter my body, then he took me by the hand to the hallway of our house. He took a solid form and cuddled me saying, "my poor little girl is crying". He gave me a kiss on my cheek and I kissed him back. I asked him twice if he was happy but he didn't answer, then he told me he was at peace. I asked him if he had met anyone and he nodded his head. He walked into my mother's room and I asked him not to leave without saying goodbye. His left eye was very bright like a star shining from it. Next thing I woke up sitting on the side of the bed. I will never forget the experience or the memory this has left me with. I am convinced my father came to me that night and I won't allow anyone to say otherwise.

can you please help
by: Lupe

My father recently passed away it was a Friday an i had this dream on a Sunday an in my dream i was coming out of a garage we have in the back yard an I look down an there is this black snake i look around for something to kill it an i see my dad at the neighbors house standing by the fence so im staring at him an next thing i no is the snake is slithering on my shoulders i jump to remove it an it falls to the ground i look again an theres this stick i grab it an when i did it moved towards the fence where my was then it disappeared i look at my dad again an he tells me great job now turn on the lights so he doesnt come back so when i looked at the house again my house was lit up it looked pretty we stood there an looked then when i tried to go to him he disappeared

Missing You
by: Weassel

My father passed away many years ago. Every now and then I dream about him. Most of the time we are in Va. where I spent many summers and holidays growing up with my family. He is also buried there.Recently I dreamed about him and he was standing on the step looking at me. He did not say anything although he gave me one on his smiles. I knew he was there to get me and my sister to take us home but I could not get to him. I wanted him to talk to me. Tomorrow is his birthday and I brought ballons and put them in my window. I miss you Buddy !

by: Anonymous

I dreamed of Dad a week ago and couldn't stop from freaking out, literally. He died in October 2012. I said someone moved you and you know, i am happy. It was as if he uderstood he had trouble. He also wanted to tell me its important that I make my appointments. Dad knows the problems I had with psychiatric illness. I have cop problems and had them while he was hospitalized.

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