Dream of Five Buddhas

by Planetary Sister

I had 2 dreams of my spiritual process within a few days of each other. In the first dream, I was laid out in repose. Above me the energies of Light and darkness seemed to be battling over me.

Two nights later, I had a dream of an altar with 5 Buddha's on it. One the top of the altar was a Buddha lying in repose. Beneath this Buddha were 4 other various Buddha's arranged from left to right.

Previous to this dream, I did not have a context for the symbology of the 5 Buddha's I saw in my dream. I Googled the words 5 Buddha's and what I found in my research affirmed for me that I was being given through these dreams, insights into my purification process. The blessings found in seeing and trusting was the recognition that I was being given sacred teachings to help me through my intense awakened state.

Blessings my sisters and brothers.

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