Dream of Flying

i had a dream that i was standing on a ledge with a friend. the only thing i could see were clouds and knew that i was high into the sky. she told me to step off. i was scared and she encouraged me to step off. she stepped off and placed herself on the floor gently like a cat. and i followed and i did the same stepped off and landed softly. when we landed she said to follow her she took a few steps and flew like a super hero. she came back instantly and encouraged me to fly. i was slightly doubtful but she kept encouraging me to and then i stepped off the ground and flew like a superhero. and we sere set off in the sky on a type of journey.

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I pray for you
by: Anonymous

I pray that you find your own magnificence and your Divinity. I pray that you claim your Self Worth. I claim that you co-create your life in partnership with your Higher Self. I pray that you be blessed

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