Dream of Kissing my Pastor

i had a dream that i was sitting in a room on a sofa with a dream light talking to the assistant pastor of my church. we were sitting facing each other with our head laying on the back of the chair..as we were talking he came closer and kissed me..not a kiss you give a friend or member of the church...it was a real kiss..then for a second we stared into each others eyes..then someone else walked in and asked him a question then they left out...then i was laying in his lap and we started kissing again..then i woke up because my phone was ringing..but when i went back to sleep it started all over again..i didnt pull back or try to make him stop or anything...whats wrost is this isnt the first time i dreamed of us kissing...how can i make it stop...what does this mean..

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pastor kissing me NEW
by: Anonymous

i have the same dream too and the dream comes often for years now i dont know what that means coz his a long time family friend and his married so i wonder why should i have dreams with him his marred it bothers me alot coz his wife is my friend to and i respect them.And in all the dreams his trying to get away from his wife becoz of problems with her thats in the dream. I dont know in reality if they have any problems.I dont know what that means help me too.


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