Dream of Lost Child

by Jolanta
(toronto, Ontario,Canada)

I was pregnant in real life with my daughter. I had a dream.

In my dream I am in hospital puting my one day old baby to the incubator for the night. Next day I woke up, put my hands into incubator and she was gone. I went to the nursery, walk on the floor and came back to my room. I stand next to the window, looking out the window wondering what to do next.

I hear child voice comming form the back of the room as she enter. She was big, about 5 y old wearing blue pinafore dress with rag doll in her arm, running towards me saying : "I am here, Mom" with the smile on her face. I was so surprised seeing her, because lst night she was one day old and today is between 4-5 y old.

Then I woke up. I was not happy about my dream.
When I gave birth to my daughter in real life it didnt happen on that day. But.....

During divorce process my ex took her away from me by telling her bad stuff about me which was not true. She was 12y old that time. she still is with him . I have 6 days a month and today she is 16, because of her legal age I have more time with her now. The father doesnt' want to let go off her. It has been only 4 y like that...so I expect her with me full time next year.
My dream become my reality, very strange dream,no?

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Prophetic dreams?
by: Mashubi

Dearest Jolenta, thank you for sharing your experience with the dreams of your daughter before she was born, and of the experiences you had while she was growing up. Yes, sometimes dreams can be prophetic, or can show us probabilities of energies that may manifest in the future. What is amazing about your dream is that your daughter was lost at birth and then reappeared at age 4 or 5. In 'real life' she went to live with your ex husband at age 12, and now she able to be with you again when she is 16 ... a four year time period, just like your dream! Amazing! Thank you so much for sharing.

by: Anonymous

I had a dream where I was in this place with many children that were in a room in small beds covered by blue blankets. A little boy in the dream told me I can't be born because of you. He said I'll never be born and it's all your fault. The little boy had an angry scowl on his face and he was very sad. I think this was like the area that children are in in heaven before they are born on earth.

The only thing that really puzzles me about this dream is that I have never in life been pregnant and I also have never even given thought to having an abortion. Can anyone please tell me what this dream means.

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