Dream of Running Red Lights

by Grant
(Salem, OR. )

In my dream i run a lot of red lights and can't stop no matter how hard i press the break. I finally slow down after i get in the middle of the intersection but my car doesn't actually stop until i get to the other side of the stop light. I've had this dream for the past three nights. What does this dream symbolize, if anything?

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by: Anonymous

In case of dream analysis u need to go to a dream analyst. Try some introspection, are u worried abt something or are u insecure abt something. I guess going to a psychologist may also help.
And pray before u go to sleep. At times we are so much stressed out that we get strange kind of dreams. So js pray for some time and feel relaxed with no negative thoughts in mind when u go to sleep.

by: Anonymous

oh my god! i had the exact same dream last night! and i keep searching to find out what it means. i have had a dream like that a long time ago. i was driving a red car. i did run into a big problem in my family. trust issues, guilt, and betray. my life is a huge mess right now so im guessing your life must be too due to this weird dream.i have a phsycologist so i may ask her and let you know if she has any info on a sort of dream like that.

Know Thy Self
by: Anonymous

Recently, I had a similar dream of being in a car (less effort) and driving through red traffic lights (obstacles/illusions to overcome). My deceased brother was driving (inner guidance/ direction), and I moved from the front passenger seat of the car into the driver seat with him (necessary external efforts). My youngest brother moved from the rear of the car into the front passenger seat as we were speeding down a very steep street similar to the streets in San Francisco, Ca. We sped through the first traffic light at the very top of the hill, which was green (leap of faith?) and two to three red lights. There were two traffic police officers who were hurriedly directing pedestrians across the street at the first red traffic light that we sped through- it was as if they doing every thing in their power to deter any unnecessary delay for us even though we running a red light. At the second red traffic light that we sped through, there was a squad car with its lights flashing parked at the corner market preoccupied with other police matters. Law enforcement (obstacle/ illusion) was no where around at the last red light we sped through right before safely arriving at our destination.

A few years ago in a previous dream, my brother and I were in a lake and he pointed me in the direction that I must go. Also, he told me that he could not do it for me that only I can do it but that he would be there to support me. I ended up having to swim (greater effort) through murky water full of snakes (people at work). I managed to swim through the snakes and made it to the other side (changed worksite location). I was confused on what to do next, my brother appeared and pointed me in a new direction, a rock with a very large hole, through which to swim and on the other side was an oasis (desire). When I awoke from that dream, I was still treading water moving in the direction of the rock.

The significance of this dream, speeding through red lights with my brother driving and me sharing the driver seat with him, and the previous dream is that my prays have been heard, "guidance and assistance in making my desire a reality" is fast ( swimming vs. car) to becoming a reality with my brother's guidance and support and my efforts. For the longest time, I have been contemplating quitting my job and going back to school to pursue an interest that I, over many years, have acquired as a result of my brother's death. However, my fear was greater than my faith. Thus, I remained at my job. The school that I desire to attend is in Northern California and the interest is quantum psychology. Since having this recent dream, I must mustard up the courage and take that faithful leap into the unknown....

I hope by sharing my dreams and life circumstances it will assist you in decoding your dream....Best Wishes

by: Anonymous

Last week I had the same dream, but my mom was driving and she kept running the red lights and nobody was stopping us from coming through. I am a new driver. But the part that is creepy is that the next day, one of my best friend's mother died in a tragic automobile accident on the highway. I dont know if theres any connection. This is one of the few dreams I actually remember, and I told my mom about it before I had even heard the tragic news. Weird.

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