Dream of trying to catch up to my girlfriend

by Josh
(Bay City, MI, USA)

i had a dream where we got a new house, and it was HUGE. the basement was like a labyrinth of water that we had to walk on boards to get across, well we went upstairs out into the yard and my girlfriend tripped and hit her head on a rock, she was unconscious and bleeding and i tried to run after her and no matter how fast and long i was running i could not get to her. well after so long of trying the ground crumbled at my feet and i fell in and a whole bunch of rocks pinned me down in the hole and i could not move, i kept trying to get to my girlfriend to help her but i could not get out. i knew i was gonna die in there but i did not care, i just wanted to get to my girlfriend. Even though i was under ground and covered with rocks i could still see her laying there...it was very disturbing, what does this mean??

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its love.. NEW
by: Anonymous

It means that you really love her and you don't want anything bad ever to happen to her.she's the one, because you would risk your life to save her even if it meant you losing your own life. You just really care about her and have something specially inbetween you two..

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