Dream of Visiting Dead Family Members

by Dan de la Torre
(New Port Richey, FL USA)

My Dream: 'I entered an extremely large hall (like an airport hangar) with an ex-wife and my mother. As we went through the entry way I found myself on a huge landing overlooking a sunken ballroom. On the landing were three or four musicians performing. They appeared to be English or French, wore clothing from the 17th./18th. century, and the powdered wigs of that era. The music was extremely low in volume.

There were at least 10/12 steps leading down to the dance floor, and they were the full width of the landing, maybe a hundred feet wide. The people dancing were dressed in today's fashion. There floor was literally packed, allowing little room for movement, and the silence of the people was acute. The feeling was somber.

I told my wife to keep an eye on my mother as we descended the stairs. She was a tiny lady, and I was afraid she would get lost amongst the crowd. We entered the throng of people separately, and at different points. It wasn't more than a moment that I lost site of my mother. I called across the room to my ex-wife to see if she had my mother in site, her response was no. I motioned to her to keep walking towards the rear, maybe we'll spot my mother. As I got closer to the rear of this hall, I could sort of hear other music playing. Keep in mind, the hall may have been the size of a football field.

As I came closer to the far I stood on my toes to look over the crowd and noticed that right hand corner of the dance floor had no people on it. And, it seemed that there was a large opening in the wall. As I neared the corner, the music became clear. It was Polka music which I was familiar with (As a little child growing up I listened and watched as my moms nine brothers and sisters, and their families, sang and danced to the lively Polish tunes in my grandmothers home.).

My ex-wife, my mother, and I all broke through the crowds at the same time onto the empty part of the wooden dance floor in front of a huge opening in the wall. The sounds emanating reminded me of one of one of our family get-togethers, a real Polish party. I noticed there was no ceiling in that room. The walls went to the sky which was very blue and full of bright, bright stars. My mother walked across the floor first towards the entrance.

I saw all my deceased relatives, they were having a great time, all looked as they looked when I was about 15 years old. My Uncle Frank spotted my mother and yelled out to the rest of the gang, 'Hey look! It's Stell. Stellas here!'. They were all excited and so happy to see her. When she walked into that room everyone hugged and kissed her. Then my Uncle Frank noticed me and said, 'Hey! Look! Danny Boys here too!'. It felt so good to see all of them again. My Aunts were waving at me. I crossed the wooden floor to the entrance way to go and join the party inside the room, but my Uncle Frank put his hand up and told me to hold on. He said 'You can't come in right now. It's not your turn yet. Don't worry! We're all going to be here when your allowed to come in.'.

I wasn't allowed to cross the threshold, but I could look in. I talked to them, and they talked to me. It was great. Everyone was yelling how much they loved me, and that they would see me soon. I felt exhilarated, and extremely happy when I awoke that morning. I was glad my mom was with her family.'

This dream took place shortly after my mom died in 2003. Between then and now my dad, and brother died also. I visit my mom, dad, brother, and other family members in many of my dreams. which are sometimes sad, sometimes happy, but always welcome. A quick note . . . I recall many of my dreams in minute details. It's bewildering at times.

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Thank you
by: Mashubi

Thank you Dan for sharing your dream experiences. I felt so happy reading what you experienced, and feeling the joy of being with your family. This is a great comfort for all of us who have loved ones who have passed from this Earth. Blessings to you and your family!

Heaven Holding Place or is IT NEW
by: Shanda

I had the same type of dream it was like a reception everyone was having a nice time. The place was like a ice castle it was beautiful. I never went into the big room I was always outside in the hallway with my decease aunt. I seen alot of my dead relatives going into the big room but my aunt told me I could'nt go in because it wasn't my time. My aunt look at me and call out a name she said Pat which is my mom and in a few months my mom died of a massive heart attack.

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