Dream Question - Very Scared

by Misha

I am very scared! the other night i had a dream my 3 year old daughter was murdered, can anyone tell me what my dream means?

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Many kinds of dreams
by: Mashubi

Dearest Misha,

I am so sorry for the fear and distress you are going through from having this very frightening dream. Dreams like this can be so many things. Some dreams are "fear dreams" that feel like terrible nightmares, that seem to be related to negative energies and are not dreams of prophecy or truth. These kinds of dream produce fear but are just not true. Other dreams are symbolic, and though the images are frightening, they may have another meaning. Some dreams are indeed warnings to help us avoid danger. In this situation, I encourage you to pray for spiritual wisdom and guidance so you can discern the true meaning of this dream and it's message for you. Pray and follow the direction that your inner wisdom is leading you. If you are guided, seek help from those in your family and community that can provide comfort, safety and understanding. With much love, prayers and blessings to you and your precious daughter.

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