Dreaming of my Baby

by Latreece
(Nashville, TN)

im 18 weeks pregnant and have been having the same dream consistently throughout the duration of my pregnancy...i was in a hospital bed after giving birth to my baby,and everyone was telling me how adorable it was and to me the baby had no face! i told my husband and he laughed. im scared because i have no idea what this dream could possibly be about. someone please help.

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Inner guidance for your dream
by: Mashubi

Dear Latrice,

Blessings on your pregnancy! I do not know what they symbolism of your dream means, but you may be able to understand the dream better, which may help you to feel less frightened.

There are ways you can understand a disturbing dream, by interacting with the characters in your dream. This is like a role play exercise, and it helps if you can do this with someone you trust, but you can also do this on your own. Take some quiet time to go within and remember the dream, and what you saw in the dream, and how you felt when you saw your baby without a face.

Now, "talk" to the baby and tell her or him what you feel. Let yourself flow with it, and just say the first things that come to you. If you don't have a friend to do this with, write it all down.

Now, let the baby "speak". Imagine what the baby might have to say to you. Again, you can do this with a friend or through writing.

Then finally, ask the baby what her or his message is for you. What does the baby want to communicate to you? Let yourself "listen" to the message, and notice what you think and feel about it. You may want to write this down so you can remember what you learned.

If you try this and are still not able to get any clarity about what the dream means, it is helpful to pray for a clear message that will help you to release the fear.

I hope this is helpful for you and your new baby.

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