dreaming of my best guy friend

I keep dreaming of my best guy friend over and over. I have a boyfriend but I can't stop dreaming of my guy friend. In the dreams I dream that he saves me when something bad happens. We always want to be with each other holding hands, kissing. When I'm with him in the dreams I feel so happy and feel complete. Now I can't stop thinking of him.

What does this mean?

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Anything yet?
by: Sheila T

Did u find out what it means? It's killing me here I feel such guilt. I was interested in him when we were very young but he never was but we have been close since we were born! It's brutal n I'm about to get engaged to another man.

bestest guy friend ever!
by: Anonymous

i dreamt of all my friends and his friends Nd i cud feel him looking at me but im looking at my feet. And in a blink of an eye, i have his arms around me. and starts hugging me . and then gently pushes me to a wall and have our foreheads touching. starring into each others eyes. while all our friends are watching in amazement. He started to breathe hard and tilted his head like as if he was going to kiss me but didnt just kept his mouth almost touching mine. and that was it. now tht i look at him out side of my dream though he looks different to me.

I have the Same thing too
by: Anonymous

My old bff and i were awesome togther, he knew everything to know about me and understood me like no one can... But then 3 years later he went to jail and he was more rougher but we still manged to gt along. Then i meet my fiance when me and him were 4 years bff, my fiancee is a very jealous person he quickly made it clear that he didn't like him on multiple levels. Since i really liked my fiancee back then , i purposly got in a fight with my bff. I yelled at him and everything it turned out bad in the end. A year his past and i have diffrent dreams of him, reminding me of him with her personality, excatly wat he would do. I am happy and living the dangerous life, which i left behind now (which my fiance want back).. But it feels i cant do anything, cause once i tolled my fiancee my dream he got upset thinking i still like him. I wanna talk to him but 2 things are stopping me, one my fiancee will get very upset, two my old bff never talk to me agian - to him that means a lot.. So I'm stuck..

by: Anonymous

I dream about a guy friend from school sometimes I get mad at him but my dream was weard he was giving me things so I could decide to go out with him but nothing convince me to the limit that I could agree but the most I think about it I can't found out what it means and my heart its all confuse now

by: Anonymous

I have recently been having the same issue and it is mind wrecking. In my case, dreams are always about what I think about most in my days, except for the occasional horror dream, but majority of the time it is what I want. You are engaged and that presents a bigger issue, because you aren't sure if you have unresolved feelings for this friend and if so that can be very devistating in the long run with your marriage and also self conflicting. First, ask yourself if these dreams are worth losing your mate over, because if you talk to your friend about the situation and it gets back to him then there is a big possibility that you could lose him. Secondly, understand that telling your friend about these secret dreams will go one of two different routes. The ever so hopeful route is that he will feel the same way that you feel deep down inside and want to take a chance, but if it goes down the second path and he doesn't feel the same way then you have just ruined the friendship that you had. You probably will still be close, but when someone takes freiend to a different level it never is the same. Trust me I know. Thirdly, and the most important piece of advise I have to give you, is to be true to yourself because this is your life and every action you take will create a reaction and you must be ready to handle every angle that will come your way. Your friend popping in your dreams on a regular like this is no coincident, its your subconcious wants. Just be sure that you do what you feel is right, this may sound super selfish, but when it comes to matters of the heart unselfish routes, trying to please others slowly eats us away.

Best Guyfriend
by: Anonymous

It sounds like your best guyfriend is the one that gets you, and has known you the best of anyone, even your boyfriend. that is what keeps you thinking of him. Your dreams are you trying to resolve some feelings you still have for him, with maybe some hope you have that he feels the same way. I think it's always best to be honest to yourself and resolve this before getting married, if you aren't already. It's something that could be healed with some kind of closure with your guyfriend so you can move forward with your fiance, or if your intuition is telling you that your guyfriend is right for you, then discover that as best as possible. I know it's hard to not hurt people as you do this, but it's better than never knowing and having to wonder forever. Besides, it's your best friend, he will understand, whether he feels the same or not, he will be there for you. Everyone involved deserves to know the truth of your heart. Besides, once you know whatever you are meant to know, you can be happy.

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